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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation


Please Help our Girls!      

Kyabirwa Primary School girls need your help not to miss one week of schooling every month.
Please help the Volunteer Uganda School Project keep these girls in school every day of the month.      

Sanitary pads for our poor Ugandan girls       

In common with many other girls in Africa, poor girls in Uganda suffer from a problem that means they miss 25% of their education. The problem is that they can’t afford to buy proper sanitary protection. The traditional way they ‘manage’ it is best left to the reader’s imagination. It’s also worsened by a lack of running water and the difficulties of carrying even more water to cope with those times from pumps a long way from their dwellings. Many girls have to use water from muddy puddles like that below. Example of the kind of stinking pool Ugandan pupils have to use for drinking and washing water.

So, girls find it impossible to attend school for that week every month. Families can’t afford to buy pads because in rural villages such as Kyabirwa where people live by subsistence farming, the family income is an average of $10 a month which has to provide everything they can’t grow for the family. A ‘luxury’ like sanitary pads is out of the question.

Many girls at Kyabirwa Primary School miss one week in four for this reason. You may now be asking why primary school girls need sanitary pads?

Due to poverty, most families are unable to keep all their children in school at the same time. Many children start school at a late age and don’t attend in consecutive years. To 'manage' education for their children they alternate which children they send to school to save money and also so they can use them to dig the fields for the food on which they subsist. So, we have many pupils in their teens. Many pupils are 18 or more before they finish primary school.

At our school we initiated a ‘Girls Sanitation Project’ to try to alleviate this problem. We made a small sick bay so that girls can rest for a while if necessary for the paracetamol to take effect before returning to class and a simple ‘bathroom’ where they can wash and change. The bed was provided by a kind UK volunteer and we raided our homes for the bedding! We try to provide them with sanitary pads and paracetamol so that they can be in school every week of the month.

As we don’t have any funding for sanitary pads and paracetamol, we rely on volunteers help. Sanitary pads weigh very little so if volunteers bring packs of them in their luggage it doesn’t use up much of the luggage allowance. Kenya Airways and KLM allow 2 x 23kgs of check in luggage as long as it is in two cases, plus 10kgs of carry on. Check their websites, in case it changes at any time.

Supermarkets in Jinja also sell sanitary pads at about UK prices or less if you buy them in bulk. Please ask where to get these from.

We're hoping that you may be able to help our girls by bringing as many packs as you can manage and afford. If you do feel able to help our girls in this way, please give the pads and tablets to Robinah the Head Teacher. Don’t forget to tell Moses so he can record it in the folder for recording volunteer's donations. The number of pads each girl uses each time is also logged so that we know that we are not supplying all the females in their family!

UNICEF You Tube Video Link              

115 Million children in the world do not go to school. Most of them are girls. Think about it.           

When girls get an education, they pass it all on... and poverty declines.        

The Volunteer Uganda School Project provides equipment for music making to support the teaching of dancing and just having fun too.       

Educate girls. Change their world. Change the World!