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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation

How you can help us      
The Volunteer Uganda School Project offers you the opportunity to come and help these beautiful children at Kyabirwa Primary School near Jinja.       
Children praying as they prepare to start the farewell concert for a volunteer

  • Volunteer

The very small volunteer fee, after deductions for room and board expenses, helps to develop the school, improve lives for the current and future generations and so benefit the community generally.

Volunteers can undertake a variety of work at the school including subject teaching or sports coaching, building work, carpentry - construction work, buildings maintenance, electrical wiring, painting, etc.

We are now also able to offer volunteers very varied community work - according to their talents and the community's needs.

Donations of money or resources are not expected, so please don't be put off by the information below this. That information is there for those volunteers who do want to bring resources and we are very grateful to them for doing that, but we do not regard or treat those volunteers who bring only themselves less well. We are very glad you come to help us at all!

  • Donate

You can simply make a donation to the Project which will be added to the fund until there is
sufficient to pay for one of the items on the long list of things the school needs.

Donations may be sent via Western Union or directly to the school's project bank account.

For full details of how to transfer money please look for the 'How to make a Donation Document' on the Volunteer Documents  page of this website or just ask Moses.

100% of donations are spent on providing equipment and developing the school. There are no middle men.

Prior to making the donation, donors will agree with staff how their donation will be spent and be provided with photographic evidence of the completion of their project if it is not completed during their time here.

Please read under the 'Fundraising' sub heading below for details of donating for large projects such as building works, etc.

We desperately need second hand Laptops for teaching IT skills for pupils and teachers as well as for teachers to make materials for teaching. We only have 10 old working laptops which could 'die' at any minute and probably will in our environment! We would be so grateful if you would bring us working secondhand laptops with Office and Excel so that we can resume teaching IT skills. You could bring them in your rucksacks, suitcases! Some of our teachers are also using them, never having had their hands on a computer before! Uganda school budgets don't even have enough funding for basic needs, let alone IT yet IT skills are essential to equip our children for the modern world otherwise we will just fall further and further behind. Rural schools such as ours are way behind in this respect.

Please do not bring us Apple Macs or anything other than straightforward PCs/laptops with Windows as we are not advanced enough to use them plus they require different teaching content and it's hard enough to deliver one type.

Please also do not bring us laptops with Ubuntu as they will not work the programmes we need.
hank you.

We do ask that volunteers don't try to 'fix' or alter our laptops in any way unless they truly know what they're doing. We have lost the proper use of several laptops where people have wiped Windows and installed Ubuntu or done other things that have caused them to cease working. So please only offer to help us with our laptops if you really do have the technical knowledge/skills.

  • You could Fundraise

Some volunteers raise funds for bigger projects prior to coming. They then use these to buy items for the school or
even to initiate a big project such as building works, for example. In the case of a big project such as the water tank, kindly donated by Gemma Rickman, the initial arrangement work can be achieved prior to the donor coming out to the Project. The donor is then more likely to see the fruits of their efforts completed during their time with us. Ask the Project Manager if this possibility might apply to something you would like to provide.

We have a formal Donations Protocol to manage such building works donations which ensures that donors can be absolutely satisfied that their donation is used for the specified and agreed project. You can download it here and from the Volunteer Documents page.

Donations Protocol Document

Volunteers don't have to fund raise and it isn't a criterion for acceptance or for being valued when you're here. We value all our volunteers, equally.

We recommend that before you fund raise for something you think would be good for us, you discuss it with Moses. As we need so much, there are sure to be many things we badly need so you will be able to fund raise for something worthwhile and hopefully see it in place during your time with us.

Please note: You will NEVER be asked to send money to Moses or anyone else in the Project before you arrive. You pay your volunteer fee to Moses on arrival at the accommodation in Kyabirwa - not before. Not even at the airport on arrival! If anyone emails requesting that you do, it is not Moses.

Neither will Moses (or anyone else at the Project) write to you in any form asking for money from you unless you have previously discussed it with them about sponsoring or supporting in any other way. It is our policy not to solicit extra money from our volunteers, but some do ask about sponsoring or helping in some other way and then we discuss it with them so that they can make an informed decision.

This has been written as a volunteer's email was hacked and she did (with good intentions) send money to help the supposed poor person. As you know, hacking is a livelihood for some people who make their money this way. Then all good people such as you and I suffer. So please be aware of this and DO NOT send any money before you come.

Examples of what you might be able to Fundraise for can be seen on the Home Page of this website about half way down the page.

It's not possible to send items by post as they weigh too much. Airlines sometimes give extra luggage allowance by prior arrangement through correspondence, but there is a limit to how much can be brought from abroad. Ugandan text books will not be purchaseable except in Uganda - plus they weigh a ton!

Kenya Airways, KLM & Ethiopian have a luggage allowance of 2 x 23kgs p.p.
but check before you book!

Many items are better bought in Uganda where manufacture and purchase provides income and employment.

  • The following items could be brought by volunteers going to the school  so that the children (and teachers) can receive ICT instruction:-
Volunteer Uganda School Project volunteer helping school staff learn IT
1. Second hand working laptops with their chargers - please not Apple Macs or Ubuntu.

2. Data sticks, new or second hand are fine

3. Trailing multi-point electrical sockets - these must be
surge proof due to the volatile nature of the supply in
Uganda and also to the electrical/thunder storms.
Uganda voltage is 220 volts - the same as the UK                                                                                                     
4. Blank DVDs and CDs, Educational DVDs and CDs.
Films for fun - must not be a higher rating than 12+.
                                                                                        A computer lesson with a volunteer's notebook

  • Items for the staff room

The school now has a DVD player and TV - provided by a kind volunteer. So, educational DVDs would be a great addition to enhance learning for the children - but also for the community. This is the next plan!

Moses has a very old DVD player  So, you could take DVDs for him to play. Please only take DVDs with content suitable for small children. No sex, violence, drugs or anything else that might frighten or corrupt. David Attenborough type documentaries are ideal. These are also suitable for the school.

Most of the items listed on this page, are small enough that they can be packaged to go as an extra luggage allowance for which you will need to apply to the airline, or carried in volunteers' backpacks as part of carry on luggage. Some airlines allow you two suitcases in addition to carry on luggage - for example: Kenya Airways, KLM and Ethiopian - 23kgs x 2 per person checked luggage plus 10kgs carry on!

IT items, memory sticks etc would make a big difference to the teachers ability to make teaching resources, keep records, track progress etc.

Thanks to volunteers' help, the school now has limited electricity installed in a few rooms and the office. Volunteer funds help to pay for the electricity supply. Even with only seven laptops (which are completely ancient) and limited electricity, teachers are learning to use computers and are passing on their skills to the children. You too can help with teaching IT to both adults and children. The more equipment is donated, the more children will be able to access it. So please donate even old laptops if you can!

In your enthusiasm to help us we ask that you do not approach other organisations and NGOs in Uganda to ask them for help for our school. Whilst being very poor and accepting help when appropriate, we are keen to retain our autonomy and our ability to be self -determining. So we do ask our volunteers not to do this without fully consulting Moses in the first instance. Moses will then consult the Head Teacher, school staff and the School's Management Committee after which he will communicate their response to you.

Our Kyabirwa children enjoy praying                 Kyabirwa volunteers help children by painting messages, maps, teaching aids and prayers on the walls of the school.