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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation


Our Volunteer Project        


    Our Project Committee who try to ensure best practice with our Project             

What's our volunteer project all about?

Our project, known on the internet as "Volunteer Uganda School" is all about improving the lives of our children and community via education, nutrition and gender equality. We are now a Government registered community based organisation called the Kyabirwa Primary School Community Based Organisation. Our only funding is via this project.

Volunteers help us, our school and community by bringing innovations, ideas and giving us contact with the wider world which we barely knew existed until volunteers started coming to help us in our deprived, isolated environment.

We are working to improve the lives of our children and the community where we live and work and invite you to come and help us.

The volunteers who come are almost our only resource, since we really don't have any others
. Our volunteers are treated with respect and honesty. Our aim is for them to enjoy their time from us and also extend their own life skills.

Whilst we hope to attract people to help us improve conditions, the benefits are not a one way street. Volunteers gain a lot from the experience - fulfillment, new insights and a knowledge of African life and poverty in the developing world. It also gives them greater insight into their personal strengths.

hen volunteers leave us, we hope that they will have a sense of achievement from helping our children progress, from benefiting the community, from passing on additional expertise to our staff and by developing warm friendships with all of us.

Some more of our lovely kids at Kyabirwa Primary SchoolOur Project Manager feeds and houses the volunteers in his family compound.

The Head Teacher, Madam Sarah Nambi, oversees the school as a whole, including the volunteers.

We are a Government registered CBO and have a three signatory Project Bank account

Our aim is for management and accounting transparency so everyone can clearly see what's happening and understand our goals.

The Project Committee oversees the Project to try to ensure the best outcomes for pupils, staff and volunteers. All major decisions are referred to the committee which has the final say.

The Head Teacher, Project Manager, Governors, PTA Chairman, Village Chairman and some teachers are committee members.

This website is packed with information so that volunteers are fully informed before making the decision to come to us, so please read it all!

We hope that when volunteers eventually leave us, they feel loved, honoured and fulfilled.

The help we have been receiving from our volunteers has raised the morale of the children, the staff and the local community. It is invaluable.

Some of the 17 teachers at Kyabirwa Primary School. The Volunteer Uganda School Project has also enabled the employment of 3 cooks and a night watchman.
Some of our staff with two volunteers

Our hope is that the lives of all of us - children, teachers and volunteers are enhanced by this collective effort to improve living, teaching & learning conditions in our school and community, so that our people will have a better future in which they are able to help themselves.

Moses Owino who, with his wife Florence, takes care of our Volunteers.

Our Volunteer Project Manager - Moses Owino is amazing and incredibly patient! The Project would not exist without his dedication.


Moses was originally a pupil at the school and now he teaches here!

He lives a five minute walk away from the school grounds, in a beautiful compound in a lovely, wooded, rural area. It was originally part of the great Kyabirwa Forest.

Volunteers live in purpose built accommodation in his compound,

next to his house. Volunteers can have their own room or share, according to their preference.


This accommodation has electricity, running water, flush toilets and showers. When they are not working, sightseeing, swimming and generally enjoying themselves, volunteers spend much time playing with Moses' children and meeting his extended family and neighbours. Their input has helped Moses' children speak excellent English.

We hope our volunteers won't forget us when they leave & that they return to see us again!