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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 
One of Kyabirwa Primary School's many beautiful children who have much to thank the volunteers who help them by volunteering with Volunteer Uganda School Project.  

                              Primary Leavers' Exam Results for the Academic Year 2013/2014
                                                               (Results received end Jan 2015)

It gets gradually, better and better at Kyabirwa Primary School!

This Year we again have 3 pupils achieving Grade 1 and 0 Fails!

Not only that but we only had one child pass down at Grade 4.

Most children passed at Grade 2 (37) and 12 passed at Grade 3

(Grade 1 being the best pass and Grade 4 being the lowest pass, followed by Fail)

So the trend we are seeing is continuing improvement up through the grades so they are fewer or non existent at the bottom with the majority at the top end of the scale.

Once again we must sincerely thank everyone who came to us this year and all those who came previously for your support, encouragement and scholastic gifts or donations which helped us improve conditions in addition to results and also for your actual toil in the classroom and on the field!
God bless you all from everyone at Kyabirwa Primary School


Here we are at the start of another school year - 2014. We have just received the primary leavers exam results for 2012 and are currently analysing them. When we have finished, there will be more details below.

Firstly we must again thank the wonderful people of all ages who came to volunteer with us. The youngest was 18 and the oldest 68! You have all helped us continue to improve our results steadily since we started our project 4 years ago.

This year we even made the news in the Uganda Observer Newspaper because we came 8th in the whole district despite being a rural school!

We had 3 pupils who achieved Grade 1 results. This is a record for us! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts 3 pupils did fail but we will continue to support them until they are successful. Also the results all moved upwards through the grades, with smaller numbers in the lower pass grades.

Our goal now is not just to maintain those results but to continue to improve them. We need your continued help to maintain this incredible improvement and extend it.

Please come to help us do this. Come back if you have been before! Come if you are new! We need you all.

God bless you for your kindness.

Robinah Musakira, Moses Owino, all the Teachers, the Management Committee, the PTA, the Volunteer Project Committee and parents.

At the end of 2011 we would like to thank all the wonderful people who have come here to us to offer us their love, kindness, expertise and toil to improve the lives of our children and teachers at Kyabirwa Primary School during the past year.

Here we are at the beginning of school year 2012 and our Volunteer Project has been running 3 years. We have the PLE (Primary Leavers Exam) results and again we have consistently achieved higher than the National average. At every Pass Grade, Kyabirwa pupils achieved higher than the National average – yet we are a poor rural school – the group that performs less well, so you would expect below average results.

At the ‘true’ pass level of Grades 1 – 4 (with Grade 4 only being counted as a pass above a certain aggregate) our children scored 100% against the National result of 86.4%.
Nationally 13.6% of children had a total fail (U), but we didn’t have any pupils who failed.

This year no-one achieved a Grade 1 although several pupils only missed it by between 1 and 4 aggregates. We are really hoping to have Grade 1 passes again next year.

Nationally, results were down this year due to various domestic problems but ours were not down by as much and not only that but for the first time we didn't have anyone actually fail!

We are further analysing the results to discover the areas of weakness so that we can improve our grades. When these are identified we will use this to inform our teaching. It would help us greatly to have volunteers who were prepared to help us with marking analysis. Analysis of common pupil errors would enable us to ‘teach to mistakes’. This is a good way to ensure full pupil understanding before moving on to the next topic. It’s a much sounder way of teaching than just teaching the next topic, regardless. As you can imagine, with such large classes, marking alone is a mammoth task. Adding in analysis will make it longer still, but it is essential if we are to help pupils achieve even more. That’s why we need your help with this.

Our desire is to have more pupils achieving Grade 1, completely eliminate Grade 4 results and not have any pupils who fail. Although we do realise that this is perhaps a little unrealistic as, the world over,  there will always be some children who just can’t achieve at higher levels - but we owe it to our children to try!

We really want to thank all our volunteers of the past year and those years before, because you help us in so many ways to achieve this success. From working at the school in whatever capacity from funding the daily porridge to building the extra rooms so that we can have smaller classes and a Library, to coming and teaching – you are all part of this success and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The new Library is a wonderful addition. We hope by building up the supply of interesting and fun books we can stimulate our children to enjoy reading. If they read more, their English will be better and they will achieve more in life.

We look forward to the start of the school year with hope and determination in our hearts. Thank you again dear friends - you help to keep us strong. God bless you all including those who have yet to come to us.

Robinah Musakira, Moses Owino, all the Teachers, the Management Committee, the PTA and the Volunteer Project Committee


Now we are at the beginning of 2011. We are about to start the new teaching year and have just received the results of the Primary Leavers Exams (PLE) for 2010.

The results are even better than last year. In fact we have 10% more children passing the exams than last year - which makes a 20% improvement in 2 years! We are so delighted. This means such a lot to these children. They can't move on to secondary school unless they achieve a Grade 3 or above. That's why although technically a Grade 4 is a pass, we count it in as a failure - nationally it is counted as a pass. We only had 1 pupil who actually failed and 3 who achieved a Grade 4 pass, but will have to repeat the year if they wish to try again so that they can go on to secondary school the following year.

Technically Kyabirwa School had a 2.1% failure rate as opposed to the National rate of 11.6%.
At Grade 4 We had 6.25% against the National percentage of 11.51%.
Grade 3 Kyabirwa - 35.41% - National percentage - 21.43%
Grade 2 Kyabirwa - 56.25% - National percentage - 43.12%
This year, sadly, we did not have any pupils who achieved Grade 1. The National percentage was 8.24%

Some National results weren't released due to some schools' results being declared suspect - hence their numbers don't quite add up to 100%.

We would like to sincerely thank all our volunteers for everything they have done and some continue to do to help us raise standards at our school. This year we will continue to try to improve the results further. Our goal is for everyone to pass at Grades 1 - 3 so that they can go to secondary school. We intend to target the slowest pupils by asking teachers and volunteers to give them extra help after school to specifically address those aspects they are finding difficult to understand. So please come and help us do this!

Again, we abundantly bless those who have helped us enable our children to achieve these wonderful results and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Robinah Musakira, Moses Owino, all the Teachers, the Management Committee, the PTA and the Volunteer Project Committee

It's the end of 2009 and the first full year of our Volunteer Project. We would like to thank all the wonderful people who have come here to us to offer us their love, kindness, expertise and toil to improve the lives of our children and teachers. You have given us contact with the huge world outside our tiny community in a way that we would never have thought possible. We never dreamed we would meet people from all over the world. We never dreamed that we would have the opportunity to learn so much about other cultures. We never dreamed that there were so many people who wanted to help us. Now we know that there are thousands of people who travel the world to help poor people like ourselves so that we can lead full, healthy and happy lives. You have all been a great blessing to us and because you live in our hearts and memories, even though you have gone home you are still with us.
We have just received the exam results for our P7 leavers. A simple way of expressing it is that the results are 10% better than the previous year. We are the only school in the sub county to have pupils who have achieved Division 1 results, which two of our children did! So not only has the previous decline been halted, but standards have been raised! We are overjoyed! We know that the reason is because of our volunteers who have improved everyone's morale and provided things for teachers to enable them to teach better and water, food and girl's sanitation provisions that make the children more able to attend school and learn effectively.

God bless you all and may your futures, and those of everyone you love, be filled with love, health and happiness.

Robinah Musakira (Head Mistress), Moses Owino (Project Manager) and all the teachers, children, PTA, School Governing Body, our cook and our night watchman
(the cook and night watchman didn't have jobs before the project)
thank you with all our hearts.