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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation

Volunteers' Videos!          


 Madam Joy - head of the English department at Kyabirwa Primary School. She also teaches dancing.           

                       Madam Joy - head of the English department. She also teaches dancing.

Some volunteers make videos when they're with us. They give a good flavour of life at Kyabirwa Primary School. So sit back and enjoy the selection on this page. Then come and make your own and don't forget to tell us where you put it on the internet. We would like to see it too!

The video below was made by Richard Buggins, one of the 5 students who worked at the school as part of their Teachers Training Degree at the London Southbank University. It's brilliant! His tutors asked him to present it to the new intake of student teachers in September 2009. Some of the other 5 students also took part in the presentation.

Richard Buggins video presentation            

Don't miss Richard's video! You'll need to login to Facebook after clicking the link above.

It's really brilliant but, as yet, we haven't found a way to embed it. Richard was one of the Students from London South Bank University who came to us to fulfil a module of their teacher's training qualification.
Please click the link above.

                    All the titles below are clickable links to videos of our children

                               wonderful Volunteer Video. You will love the music!

One of the youngest classes!

James Curcio's Birthday celebrated in the church near the school