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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation


Volunteer Accommodation        


London South Bank University students having fun in the garden at the Volunteer Kyabirwa Primary School accommodation of Volunteer Uganda School            
Volunteers in the garden of the accommodation in the Project Manager's family compound.           

Our volunteers live in purpose built accommodation at the home of Moses Owino and his family, in Kyabirwa about 3 miles from Jinja in Uganda. Moses Owino is the Project Manager and a teacher at our school. Volunteers live in their own room in their own building in the home compound of Moses and his wife Florence are their 5 children, 2 adopted children, his sister and her child. People are dropping in and out of his home all the time. He has at least fifteen dependents, but don't worry they don't all live there!

Not only is the volunteer building new, but so are the beds, bedding, mosquito nets, shelving, chairs and tables. The photos do not do it all justice due to the difficulty of photographing the rooms. Moses has worked hard to make it as comfortable as possible without detracting too much fr
om the African experience. There are showers, flush toilets and electricity.

Living in this Home Stay with the family you will have a safe and in depth experience of Africa which you would not have if you lived in a guest house or hostel. Each room is equipped with a broom, a floor cloth, a bucket and a bowl. Volunteers keep their own rooms clean.

Please note that this is Home Stay, not a Hotel or Guest House. If you require hotel standard service then you are free to book a hotel or guest house in Jinja and still volunteer with us.
We are pointing this out as one or two inexperienced volunteers have mistakenly expected a hotel level of service which has been unfair to the Owino family who are very willing and work hard providing higher than normal standards for home stay in the developing world. You are sure to enjoy your stay with them which is a much more personal experience than staying in a hotel where you would be not accepted as part of the family.

It's a good idea to bring a radio and laptop with mobile internet for yourself so that you can keep up with world events, but the sights and sounds of life and the birds in the compound are so lovely, plus having the company of the Owino children and other volunteers, you probably won't use it much!

You will never feel lonely here. There are adults to talk to and children who just love to play with you. You can have a great time teaching the children games from your own homeland! They also benefit from your English language conversation so even when you're at home you will help children progress. Then when you want time to yourself, you can go into your own room and shut the door!

Below are photos of the accommodation, some of the family and their animals!

 approaching the compound of Moses Owino the Volunteer Project Manager   Lunch at the house of Moses Owino Volunteer Uganda School Project's manager
            The Owino family compound through the trees                       A celebration with the family on the veranda

 Firts built accommodation for Kyabirwa Volunteers    The new accommodation for Kyabirwa Primary School Project's volunteers at Volunteer Uganda School
           The first volunteer accommodation we built                                    The new volunteer accommodation

The first volunteer block that was built is mainly single rooms but singles will now be accommodated in the new building except in rare instances when the new block is full. Rooms in the new block are 15'x13' in size, have two new single beds, mosquito nets, table and chairs, shelving, mirrors and hanging. Even in the new accommodation in two bedded rooms, singles will not have to share unless they wish to.

The ground is still fairly rough in this picture as the photo was taken not long after the building was finished. It's now all grassed.

 old rooms                 New rooms at the accommodation    
              Room in the first built block                                 Room in the newer block. Volunteers don't have to share.

The first photo shows the inside of one of the four single rooms in the old block. You can see the left side of the room with the bed. On the right is a large set free standing of shelves. There are also coat hangers to hang clothes along the wall rails, a wall mirror, a chair and a small table. This is a rare luxury in Africa!

The photo on the right shows one of the rooms in the new volunteer accommodation just after the new beds were put in. Volunteers will be in these new rooms - unless they choose a smaller one. If you don't want to share a room with another volunteer, as long as we aren't full which has never happened yet, you don't have to. Some volunteers like to share a room with their friends but it's up to you.

More volunteers plus the Owino family at the accommodation for the Volunteer Uganda School Project's volunteers  
Moses the Project Manager with his immediate family and volunteers in the garden

 Lucienne with Florence - Moses Owino's wife 
                                            Florence Owino with Lucienne Bonici, preparing food for lunch

 Aaron with Florence and one of the families pigs. There are usually 3 little pigs! 
                                   Aaron Micallef with Florence, Winnie, David and Dan - and the family pig!

Danny at Kyabirwa Primary school during a storm - Volunteer Uganda School's youngest participant! 

Daniel enjoying the thunderstorm!

        Aunty Josephine a relative of the Volunteer Uganda School Project Manager - making a grass mat   

    Aunty Josephine busy with craft work

        Florence and Agnes bringing lunch for the volunteers           Agnes balancing everything on her head - one of the amazing sights at the volunteer acommodation

              Florence and Sister Agnes bringing lunch                      Sister Agnes carrying things across the garden

A traveling knife sharpener arrived in the compound of the Owino family       Kids and adopted kids of Moses Owino - the volunteer project manager for Volunteer Uganda School

 The visiting knife sharpener using the back wheel of his           Moses' kids and adopted kids in the family compound.

  bicycle to power the grinder (viewed from the porch)                Dan has decided that seriousness is the order of the day!

For those not wishing to live with the Owino family, other accommodation is available in town. If you do this, Moses' wife will still provide your lunch for about $2. Making lunch sandwiches is impractical due to the heat and it's a 1.5 mile walk during the middle of the day to the nearest cafe.

For the 99.9% of volunteers who live with the Owinos, breakfast, lunch and dinner are part of the volunteer fee, so you don't pay for those. It is simple but nutritious food. 

What a beautiful 5 minute walk it is from the volunteer accommodation of the Volunteer Uganda School Project to Kyabirwa Primary School        
Volunteers walking along the path from the house to school in the morning