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Kyabirwa Primary School Volunteer Project -

a grass roots Govt. Registered Community Based Organisation

Volunteer Documents      


Richard Buggins, a London South Bank University Student volunteer - teaching at Kyabirwa Primary School in Uganda for Volunteer Uganda School.     

Richard Buggins from London South Bank University       

Please read all these documents carefully before you come to Uganda - they will help you.
All the headings below are links to downloadable documents.
Especially important is the Visa information.   

At Volunteer Uganda School we have tried to think of everything you need to know and included it in various places on this website and in these documents which are designed to give you as much information as possible. They will probably answer all your questions. If you have more questions, please email Moses Owino who will gladly help you.
The internet is slow in Uganda but Moses will answer as soon as he can. Please check the documents before asking.

When you email Moses with any Document please ensure it's saved as a 'Word 97 - 2003 Document' rather than Word 2007 or 2010 as his machine is too old to open newer formats. Then attach your documents in the normal way. Thank You.

Volunteer Code of Conduct           Essential Reading

More information about Kyabirwa Primary School


Volunteer Application Form
Please email completed form to Moses to help maintain records

*** Uganda Visa Application Form
- please read below *** 

Please check with the Uganda Embassy or Uganda High Commission website in your home country for the Visa procedure appropriate to it. They usually have a Telephone helpline too. Have a notepad ready to jot down the information.

Allow plenty of time to send for your visa. A month is good. Don't leave it until the last minute.

Please note Visas are now about $50 for a single entrance visa but you need to get the Visa via the Embassy or High Commission in your home country.

Your designation/reason for visiting Uganda is Tourism. This is not only true but is also the simplest reason.

If you wish to enter Uganda but then travel to a neighbouring country and then return to Uganda, you will need a multiple entry visa which allows for flexibility but is more expensive. It is possible to obtain an East Africa Visa about which you can also talk to the Embassy in your country. It may save you money.

Address whilst in Uganda for entry on the Visa Form:
C/O Moses Owino, PO Box 5082, Jinja, Uganda.
Tel +256 782460012

Or - the address etc of your hotel or guest house if you are not staying with Moses.

You an obtain more information and a Visa Form from the Embassy website in your home country.

Be very careful that you are actually contacting the Uganda Embassy or Consulate in your country as many
organisations will pose to look like the Embassy and charge you more. Unfortunately even developed world
Embassies suffer from this "impersonation".

Below is the up to date information for the United Kingdom. You have to complete the Visa Form online.

Telephone: Uganda House, London 02078395783
They answer quite quickly. They will explain it all to you and point you in the direction of the online
Visa Form. They respond to the form within 24 hours. When all the documentation is in order you take it with
you and present it when you enter Uganda at Entebbe Airport at the same time as paying the $50.

Next of Kin Form   Essential emergency contact to your family in the unlikely event it's necessary

Map to the School from Jinja

Taxi Drivers
        For an up to date list of trusted taxi drivers previously used by volunteers ask Moses.

                              We recommend that you do not use boda boda (motorbike) taxis as they are 
                              unsafe and drivers are generally not licensed. Therefore you would not be covered 
                              by your insurance in the event of an accident.

Volunteer Fee Breakdown
   So that you know how we spend your Volunteer Fee

                  Prioritised List of Teaching Materials and Resources Currently Needed

               Urgently needed as we only have 10 very old laptops and very many children!

Second hand Laptops for teaching IT skills for pupils and teachers as well as for teachers to make materials for teaching. Having these laptops is a great advantage for our rural children. Children in rural schools never normally get such help. We only have 10 very old 'working' laptops, kindly brought by volunteers. We would be so grateful if you would bring us more working secondhand laptops with Office and Excel so that we can resume teaching IT skills. You could bring them in your rucksacks, suitcases....  Some of our teachers were also using them - never having had their hands on a computer before!
We say laptops and don't mention stand alones due to the difficulty of transporting them with you.
We also cannot work with Apple Macs which require teaching a different system when we have enough trouble with one. Thank you.

Possible Activities for volunteers at Kyabirwa School and in the Community

Language Programme Suggestions for Volunteers
   Some teaching ideas to help you prepare

How to make a donation to the Kyabirwa Primary School Project

Some volunteers like to fund raise before they come. This is not a requirement, but obviously we are very indebted to those who do. We do not make any distinction between those who do and those who don't. We are deeply grateful for both.

If you do decide to fund raise and have a particular project in mind, please discuss it with Moses and Robinah first just in case of the unlikely coincidence that someone else has the same idea. As we need so much there will be a large range of things to choose from our prioritised list. Hopefully, you will be able to see your project come to fruition whilst you're with us. It's so good for you to be able to actually see it completed. If not we will be sure to send you photos and reports.

We now have a formal Donations Protocol which helps you and us manage donations for big projects such as building works. It is a completely transparent process that gives donors complete confidence in the use of their money. It is really important to read this if you intend helping us with building works etc so that you understand how payments to contractors work in Uganda.

You can download it here:
Donations Protocol Document

You may donate via Western Union, Money Gram, or best of all through Bank Transfer directly into the three signatory Project bank account. Please ask Moses for details.